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2023 - 2024 Rogers Band Results

We are so excited about next year's bands at Rogers MS! There were so any great auditions that we heard and we feel that the bands will continue the Prosper tradition! Please read through the FAQ and then click the "Audition Results" button listed at the bottom of this page to view the full alphabetical list. 

Q: How are the placements decided? Who decides what band my child is in?

A: The placements are based on the students’ performance throughout the school year. The audition is only a small part of the process. Besides the audition, the band directors evaluate the students on a number of criteria including class performance, behavior, test preparation, practice time outside of class, and overall dedication to the instrument.

Q: What are the differences in the ensembles?

A: The two distinct differences are the pace at which the students move and the difficulty level of the music. The band directors want all the 7th and 8th grade students to have a positive experience. Placing the students in the right group for their ability level is a responsibility the staff takes seriously.

Q: Is there a chance my child can move to a more advanced ensemble?

A: This happens in rare occasions. The student would have to show exceptional progress in order to advance. Moving in the middle of the school year while not impossible is very rare.

Q: My student earned a 100% in band. Why is he/she in the X band?

A: The grade is based on commitment to the class. Band placement is based on ability and participation throughout the previous year.

Q: My kid is in 8th grade. Why is he/she not in the top ensemble?

A: Band placement is based on ability and participation throughout the previous year.

Q: My student had a really bad audition and/or feels that they should have been placed in a different band. Can they be reconsidered for a different band?

A: Band placement is not solely decided upon by the audition; it is only one part. The Band Directors consistently evaluate students on their daily participation, practice routines, and ability. All band changes will be at the Band Directors discretion and will be made on a case-by-case basis.

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Band Class Descriptions and how to understand Band Results below.
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